Casamarta Capri

Casa Marta is a little paradise placed a few steps from the spectacular square of Capri island.

Three amazing suites overlook the small island’s port with a breathtaking view.

Several artistic interventions characterize the interior of the project: a huge wire mesh made by the Neapolitan artist Antonella Romano, as if to evoke a fishermen’s net, serves as a parapet for the stairs; and again, the armchairs of all the suites have been covered with hand-painted fabrics by the artist Sarah Van Nohe, depicting the faces of ancient Capri women from the turn of the century; finally, the suspension lamps in all the rooms were made with the recovery of mineral water bottles and baskets expertly woven by the hands of indigenous Colombian women who live in poverty in the amazon rainforest. In this “all-female” project, the eye falls in support of the most disadvantaged realities, and at the same time, it turns towards greater respect for the environment and eco-sustainability.